We make information accessible to risk managers, applying analytics and data visualizations to measure and communicate risk. SIR offers smart solutions to make your technology work for you.

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The SIR Team

Kim Rigsby-Young

Kim Young

Kim Young, a COO who thrives on change, challenge and breeding show dogs.

Kim Young

Rick Denning As SIR’s chief operating officer, Kim ensures the best solutions are being found for SIR clients, and is responsible for overall project management and client relations… read more

Rick Denning

Rick Denning

SIR founder and president Rick Denning, the Renaissance man of risk management.

Rick Denning

Rick Denning A man of varied interests, Rick is a painter, photographer, long-distance runner, lawyer and statistician, talents that are employed in his work every day… read more

Ira Skop

Ira Skop

Amateur thespian and expert troubleshooter, partner Ira Skop.

Ira Skop

Rick Denning Ira is SIR’s chief troubleshooter and problem-solver, making information and technology accessible and intelligible to SIR customers, crafting creative solutions…. read more

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Without SIR, this implementation wouldn’t have happened

Southeastern Grocers, Read More

I haven’t seen anyone else who really can do this work

Turner, Read More
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Bloomin’ Brands2018-06-21T10:02:48-04:00
Rush University Medical Center2017-09-28T05:30:03-04:00
Johnson Controls2017-11-01T07:31:05-04:00
Ahold Delhaize (Stop & Shop, Giant, Hannaford, Foodlion)2020-11-17T13:26:54-05:00
Southeastern Grocers (BI-LO, Winn-Dixie)2017-10-29T03:41:22-04:00
Morgan Stanley2017-11-01T07:16:07-04:00
Turner Construction Company2017-10-29T03:42:11-04:00
State of Vermont2017-09-28T05:30:23-04:00
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