• Cyber Risk Strategies Beyond Insurance

Cyber Risk Strategies Beyond Insurance

2017-02-07T05:00:12-05:00By |Webinars|

Internet growth is an IT problem as well as a business problem. No one can eliminate the growing cyber exposure, but we can do a better job managing its consequences. This webinar explains what the savvy risk manager can do to keep up with new technology, products, and laws and how to smartly manage cyber [...]

  • Analytical Tools

Analytical Tools for Effective Risk Professionals

2017-02-07T05:01:23-05:00By |Webinars|

This webinar featured Rick Denning. Step beyond MS Excel. Successful risk analytics builds on predictive and descriptive modeling, data mining, forecasting, optimization, simulation, and more. This webinar shows you proven risk management methods to gain new insights and better answers, faster. Surprisingly, the software is not expensive. Richard Denning shares his long experience in innovative, [...]

  • Actionable Performance Monitors

Actionable Performance Monitors for Claims Administration

2017-02-07T05:01:29-05:00By |Webinars|

This webinar featured Rick Denning, along with two specialists from the field, Richard Rabs Vice President, Claims and Risk Management, Veolia Transportation and James Ciaramitar, Safety Manager, The Stop & Shop Supermarket Co (Ahold). Gathering more data than ever? Gain new confidence in your ability to measure success – with precision and expertise.

  • Enhance Risk Management

How to Enhance Risk Management in your Organization

2017-02-07T05:01:43-05:00By |Webinars|

This webinar, featured Patty Furterer, VP of Insurance and Risk Management at First Group, and Paul Buckley, former Risk Manager at Tyco and Business Insurance Magazine's 2000 Risk Manager of the Year. Hear these two leaders in the field describe how they put their Risk Management departments on the map.

  • Avoiding the Detours

ERM – Avoiding the Detours to Success

2017-02-07T05:01:50-05:00By |Webinars|

This webinar featured Rick Machold, former head of Enterprise Risk at Invesco, Ltd and SIR's Rick Denning. Take a reality check on implementing a strong ERM program and how to assess its ongoing value. It is important to recognize that the process is a marathon, not a sprint - the most critical success factor is [...]

  • Cloud Computing

Should Cloud Computing Be On Your RMIS Radar

2017-02-07T05:02:03-05:00By |Webinars|

This webinar featured Erik Wirth, ARM, Senior Risk Manager at Microsoft and Professor Yasha Karant, School of Computer Science and Engineering, California State University. Gain an understanding of 'the Cloud,' its advantages and pitfalls, and find out why many firms are making use of 'the Cloud' right now. Consider the present and future applications of [...]

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