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RIMS 2016 Sessions

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Shelter Island Risk led three sessions at the RIMS National Conference, April 10-13, 2016 in San Diego, CA. Ten Things You Thought Microsoft Excel Could Not Do Monday, April 11   See how Excel remains [...]

Finding Value in Your Data

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Good decisions require good analysis. Shelter Island Risk Services works with Risk Managers to translate their ideas into actionable, cost-reducing reality.

The Flaw of Averages

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Pitfalls of Averages in Risk Management and Claims Applications We all know the big three: counts, total incurred and average.  The first two come directly from your claim data and the average is [...]

  • Cyber Risk Strategies Beyond Insurance

Cyber Risk Strategies Beyond Insurance

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Internet growth is an IT problem as well as a business problem. No one can eliminate the growing cyber exposure, but we can do a better job managing its consequences. This webinar explains [...]

  • Analytical Tools

Analytical Tools for Effective Risk Professionals

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This webinar featured Rick Denning. Step beyond MS Excel. Successful risk analytics builds on predictive and descriptive modeling, data mining, forecasting, optimization, simulation, and more. This webinar shows you proven risk management methods [...]

  • Avoiding the Detours

ERM – Avoiding the Detours to Success

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This webinar featured Rick Machold, former head of Enterprise Risk at Invesco, Ltd and SIR's Rick Denning. Take a reality check on implementing a strong ERM program and how to assess its ongoing [...]

  • Cloud Computing

Should Cloud Computing Be On Your RMIS Radar

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This webinar featured Erik Wirth, ARM, Senior Risk Manager at Microsoft and Professor Yasha Karant, School of Computer Science and Engineering, California State University. Gain an understanding of 'the Cloud,' its advantages and [...]

Unexpected Benefits from Government Regulation

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Unexpected Benefits from Government Regulation, by Theodore Ronca, Esq Ted Ronca is an expert on matters related to both insurance carriers and businesses, ranging from group health and disability insurance to cost-containment, claims [...]

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