RIMS Conference, Philadelphia, PA, Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Visual Analysis: The Value of Graphics for Risk Communications

See how graphics enhance risk communication and understanding. Free yourself from boring claim lists and confusing pivot tables. A picture is worth more than a thousand words. In fact, graphics are often the only way to explain the intricate interaction between frequency, severity and exposure. Today, risk communication has expanded beyond just the underwriter, broker and risk professional to include senior management, the board of directors, regulators and operating management. And although current RMIS technology gathers more data and can produce more output than ever imagined, that data does not translate to communication. Improve the effectiveness of your graphics and review the practical and affordable software available today. Discover how to put more information in your materials. A simple set of proven standards will allow you to take better control. The power of visual analysis software over line, bar, pie, map, text and statistical modeling is not hard to employ and is proving as significant as the Excel spreadsheet revolution.


  • Coordinator – Lizabeth Christman, Ahold USA, Inc.
  • CPC – Charlotte Peedin, Golden Corral Corporation
  • Speaker – Lizabeth Christman, Ahold USA, Inc.
  • Speaker – Richard Denning, Shelter Island Risk Services