Using knowledge management to measure risk

January 19, 2012

Rick Denning

Rick DenningA man of varied interests, Rick is a painter, photographer, long-distance runner, lawyer and statistician, talents that are employed in his work every day. He succeeds in finding solutions for problems that lack clear rules, a characterization that can be applied to his 30+ years in the industry as well as in his original career as a metallurgist and nuclear fuels engineer. Little known fact? He holds a patent on a nuclear fuel rod. Rick founded SIR in 1994, and enjoys the diversity and cooperation of the SIR team. He believes that risk management is a team sport and no one person at SIR gets more than 80% of the work done; it’s the combination of SIR talent that defines the company. Rick lives with his family on Shelter Island, between the forks of Long Island, an unspoiled refuge for all kinds of wild life.

Take a look at Rick’s current watercolors, available for download at no charge. Consider a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, one of Rick’s and SIR’s charities of choice.