In today’s world, data is at the heart of all decision-making. Simply stated, we are data specialists. We help identify, transfer, clean, and prepare data for analysis. We steward the implementation and effective use of off-the-shelf systems, and augment those solutions with our own creative modeling.

Any analytical discovery is worthless unless the results are clearly communicated and adapted for each audience. In a world increasingly dominated by social media and instant communication, attention spans are shorter than ever. Our deep experience and understanding of how to visualize data and communicate for maximum impact is highly valued by our clients.

SIR Team Leadership

Kim Rigsby-Young
As SIR’s chief operating officer, Kim ensures the best solutions are being found for SIR clients, and is responsible for overall project management and client relations. A member of the SIR team since 1998, Kim previously worked at transportation company CSX for 20 years, where she developed her analytical and system skills before moving to SIR. Kim thrives on challenge, channeling that energy and ability outside the workplace as a dedicated breeder of show dogs – she is a handler of Westminster and All Breed Best in Show winners. Kim lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Ira Skop
Ira is SIR’s chief troubleshooter and problem-solver, making information and technology accessible and intelligible to SIR customers, crafting creative solutions to complex business problems. He’s been at SIR since 1997, and has worked in risk management his entire career. Some of Ira’s most successful and satisfying projects have ranged from thoughtful data visualizations to complex cost of risk allocation systems for clients. In his spare time, this father of three is an amateur actor, first-baseman and bike rider in Jerusalem, Israel, where he moved with his family in 2006.


Gary brings 30 years of system implementation knowledge covering corporate, third party administrator and insurer applications. In addition to his technical expertise, Gary has valuable experience in contract negotiation and vendor selection. His work background includes senior management responsibilities at Crawford & Company, KPMG and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.
Frank joins Shelter Island for special projects. His background and training as a statistician and actuary provides a practical point of view for developing and refining advanced risk financing and actuarial methods. Formerly a vice president at American Re-Insurance Company and statistician at Anistics (Aon), he has consulted to Rick Denning for over 30 years.


Rick Denning
A man of varied interests, Rick is a painter, photographer, long-distance runner, lawyer and statistician, talents that are employed in his work every day. He succeeds in finding solutions for problems that lack clear rules, a characterization that can be applied to his 30+ years in the industry as well as in his original career as a metallurgist and nuclear fuels engineer. Little known fact? He holds a patent on a nuclear fuel rod. Rick founded SIR in 1994, and enjoys the diversity and cooperation of the SIR team. He believes that risk management is a team sport and no one person at SIR gets more than 80% of the work done; it’s the combination of SIR talent that defines the company. Rick lives with his family on Shelter Island, between the forks of Long Island, an unspoiled refuge for all kinds of wild life.

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