Shelter Island Risk Services is a knowledge management consulting firm, specializing in property and casualty risk management. With a unique combination of independence, deep risk management knowledge, and technological proficiency, Shelter Island Risk Services offers:

Risk data and technology needs assessment and gap analysis

Our expert team conducts interviews with key stakeholders to map out and document the flow of data and processes in order to identify what exists, what is missing, and what to anticipate. The results of this provide the foundation for soliciting proposals for technology solutions.

RFP for risk technology solutions

Using the insights gathered from the needs assessment, we create a detailed set of system requirements, and build a request for proposal that challenges potential solution providers to describe how they can meet each requirement with existing capabilities or via configuration/customization. In addition to technical capabilities, the RFP addresses vendors’ experience, support team, reputation, and agility.

System implementation management

Corporate risk management departments are surviving with ever-decreasing headcount, and access to internal IT resources can be challenging. As implementation managers, our team takes primary responsibility to assure the timeliness, accuracy, and completeness of contracted deliverables. We work as part of the client’s team, and augment their resources with our deep understanding of both the technology available on the market, and the risk management ecosystem.

Ongoing system support

Our years of experience developing and supporting systems means we are power users who can cost-effectively augment a department’s internal resources to get the most out of their technology investment, most efficiently.

Actuarial studies

Our network includes certified property and casualty actuaries who perform loss reserve analyses, loss forecasts, collateral evaluations, and related services. Our data services team receives, transforms, and formats historical data, creating a series of loss triangles used by the actuaries and incorporated into the reports.

Advanced analytics, data visualizations

We use the most advanced analytical and presentation tools available to communicate data trends concisely and visually, transforming data to knowledge.

ERM design and implementation

In support of enterprise risk management programs, we automate the process of risk identification, assessment, and mitigation. We communicate ERM strategy and benefits to senior leadership to gain support for the program and to demonstrate tangible results.

Process automation

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